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    Staff vote for safe skies and Australian jobs

    October 03

    Qantas staff across the company’s freight, cabin cleaning, catering, and ground crew operations have voted to take further protected industrial action this Friday from 1600 to 1800 (nationally, local times).

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    Qantas must act to rebuild trust with employees

    September 30

    Qantas members of the Transport Workers Union of Australia today voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking further industrial action in pursuit of securing job security and a fair pay deal from Qantas.  

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    Frustration at Qantas Management Growing

    September 26

    Members of the Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) will stop work for one hour at 8am this Friday, September 30 at all major airports. The stoppage is in accordance with protected industrial ballots conducted among baggage handlers, presentation and catering staff taken over the last month, which over 95 per cent of TWU members voted in favor of.

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    TWU seeks good faith Qantas talks

    September 21

    The Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) has called on Qantas management to adopt a constructive approach to future enterprise bargaining negotiations to avoid a repeat of yesterday’s industrial action at airports across Australia.

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    The 4am Door Knock to Qantas Employees

    September 20

    Welcome to the new Spirit of Australia.

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    Is Qantas waiting for return of WorkChoices?

    September 19

    The Transport Workers Union expressed its regret that the travelling public will experience airport delays early tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20) as a result of Qantas’ efforts to frustrate efforts to agree to a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).