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    Commit to Safe Practices

    August 19

    Our dispute with coal giant Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) in the port of Newcastle - the largest coal service operator in the southern hemisphere - is one such case.

    Big Rigs, by TWU NSW State Secretary Wayne Forno

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    No Trade With Vietnam

    August 09

    It’s no accident that average American families have seen our incomes decline over the last 20 years as politicians of both parties have signed “free trade” agreements, which do nothing but trade American jobs, worker safety standards, and food and consumer safety standards for bigger corporate profits. We don’t need any more free trade agreements; what we need are fair trade agreements.
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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    Truckie Wins Big Boss Battle to Reclaim Money

    August 07

    A Tweed Heads truck driver has been awarded $15,000 after winning a two-year David and Goliath legal battle against his former multinational employer.

    THE NORTHERN STAR, by Sue Gardiner, 7 August 2013

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    Union Demands Pay for Truckies Be Lifted Further

    August 05

    The Transport Workers' Union has demanded an overhaul of a draft remuneration order for the nation's truckies, insisting a federal government tribunal further increase pay rates and impose a training levy on major clients who use road transport.

    THE AUSTRALIAN, by Michael Owen

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    TWU Pushes Floor Price and Training Levy

    August 05

    The Transport Workers Union (TWU) is clinging to its push for greater obligations to be imposed on the supply chain and for a floor price on rates to be set for owner-drivers.


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    Highway Office Leaves 300 Dead A Year

    August 04

    Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

    Glen Humphries, Illawarra Mercury