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    Qantas/Jetstar attacks workforce claims

    April 20

    Qantas/Jetstar employees have called on CEO to give surety and security to the ongoing employment of thousands of hard-working employees across Australia, after the head of Qantas outlined future plans for the flying kangaroo included destroying Australian jobs under the guise of flexibility.

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    Drivers want safe clean rates and cut to fuel excise

    April 19

    Transport Workers want protections applied to any action taken to improve carbon emission outputs from transport in order to protect jobs and promote safety in an industry set to double in size over the next decade.

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    Truck Drivers Want Full Cost Recovery

    April 15

    Truck drivers have called on the Federal Government to provide full cost recovery from clients for all drivers if a price on carbon causes costs to increase in the transport sector.

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    Truck drivers should not be fined over delays

    April 06

    Truck drivers have called on clients to be reasonable and not enforce fines on drivers given the large delays on the Pacific Highway following this morning’s fatal accident near Macksville.

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    Qantas training strikebreakers overseas

    April 05

    The Transport Workers Union has labelled the training by Qantas of overseas “strikebreakers” as immoral and un-Australian, comparing it to the Patrick’s waterfront dispute of 1998 when workers were trained in the Middle East.

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    Management fails again during Qantas breach

    April 04

    The Transport Workers Union has called for a complete upgrade of all security across Qantas operations after yet another security breach at a busy capital city terminal.