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    Queensland truckie Frank Black awarded TWU National Council Award

    June 19

    Queensland truckie Frank Black has been awarded the inaugural Transport Workers’ Union National Council Award in recognition of his tireless work on behalf of truck drivers and their families and for his contribution towards the success of the TWU Safe Rates Campaign.

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    Senator Glenn Sterle awarded lifetime membership of the TWU

    June 15

    Senator Glenn Sterle has been recognised for powerful work on behalf of transport workers and their families over many decades by the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) who recently awarded the Senator with lifetime membership of the TWU.

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    Qantas Workers Keep The Kangaroo Flying

    June 05

    Qantas remains a profitable airline despite the litany of disastrous decisions by senior managements over the past year. An about turn in the management culture is required if the flying kangaroo is to remain flying high. That’s according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union.  

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    Qantas Management Must Come Clean On Lockout As Testimony Shows Alan Joyce Misled Senate Committee

    June 01

    Senior management at Qantas have admitted they planned last October’s lockout weeks in advance, directly contradicting the evidence given to a Senate inquiry and to Qantas shareholders AGM.  The Government must investigate this matter urgently and senior executives must be held to account. That’s according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union.

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    Major Survey of Truckies A Damning Indictment of Coles - TWU

    May 30

    Analysis of a major national survey of truckies across Australia has provided a damning indictment of the squeeze Coles places on truck drivers and their entire supply chain, leading to tragic consequences for every Australian road user.  That’s according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

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    TWU standing-up for airline staff travel entitlements

    May 25

    Dear TWU member, You may be aware that the federal government announced changes in the 2012-13 Budget to address loopholes in the tax system that were allowing overseas executives and corporate high-flyers to claim hundreds of millions of dollars in tax benefits that were inaccessible by ordinary workers.