• Media Release

    Queensland Truck Crash: Young Mother's Death is 7th Truck-related Fatality This Week and Reinforces Need for Safer Roads

    November 15

    Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said the tragic death of a 21-year old Queensland woman was the seventh truck-related fatality this week and reinforced the need for safer roads and safer driving conditions.

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 15 November 2013

  • Media Release

    6 Truck Crashes and 6 Deaths since Monday

    November 13

    Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said six truck crashes and six deaths in two days was evidence of the pressure on drivers to speed or skip rest breaks, to meet unrealistic deadlines.

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    Coles Risks Lives

    November 07

    National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU), Tony Sheldon today said supermarket giant Coles was responsible for an increased risk of truck crashes on Australian roads, by forcing drivers to speed, drive unsafe hours and carry overweight loads.

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    TWU Tells Small Business Minister That Major Retailers Squeeze on Suppliers Extends Well Beyond Food Industry

    October 30

    The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has told Small Business Minister Bruce Billson that the relentless squeezing of suppliers by major retailers like Coles extends well beyond the food industry, and that when it comes to squeezing Australian truck drivers it can lead to death and destruction on our roads.

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    Fairness for Workers at Qantas AGM?

    October 18

    Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) National Secretary Tony Sheldon has today called on shareholders at the Qantas AGM to deliver fairness for Qantas ground staff by guaranteeing them Australia’s minimum weekly wage.

  • Media Release

    Beaches Tanker Tradedy: Govt Must Put Aussie Lives Before Corporate Greed

    October 04

    As the Northern Beaches is hit by a fatal truck accident in Mona Vale, the Transport Workers Union of New South Wales has called on the Federal Government to put Aussie lives on the road ahead of the greed of multinational giants and strengthen safety standards in the trucking industry.

    TWU NSW MEDIA RELEASE, 4 October 2013