• Media Release

    Coles in Court

    May 06

    Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today urged the ACCC to examine Coles' use of unconscionable conduct throughout its supply chain, including the use of unfair economic pressure on drivers to force them to speed or skip rest breaks.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 6 May 2014

  • Media Release

    Defusing "Mobile Bombs" – National Dispute in Oil, Fuel and Gas

    April 29

    A national tribunal will today consider minimum safety standards for Australian petrol tankers after nationwide research revealed 1 in 4 tanker drivers were pressured to speed and 1 in 2 drivers reported inadequate brake inspections.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 29 April 2014

  • Media Release

    1,100 Factory Deaths One Year On: Coles Still Using Bangladesh Sweatshops

    April 24

    One year after the Rana Plaza collapse that resulted in 1,100 factory deaths, the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has notified the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh of suspected human rights abuses by Australian retailer Coles.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 24 April 2014

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    Restoring Freedom

    April 16

    Tony Sheldon Address to the National Press Club

  • Media Release

    After 1,100 Factory Deaths, Coles Owes Bangladesh A New Year’s Gift of Safety

    April 14

    Australian retailer Coles has been urged to mark today’s Bangladesh New Year (April 14, 2014) by signing an accord to prevent the use of sweatshops for clothing sold in Coles stores nationwide.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 14 April 2014

  • Media Release

    Minimum Rates for Truck Drivers

    April 04

    The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal today heard statements from drivers, employers and clients on minimum rates for truck drivers.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 4 April 2014