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    Truckies Death Renews Call....

    April 01

    The Transport Workers Union is calling for the mandatory provision, to all workers travelling to remote areas, of a satellite phone and emergency positioning beacon.

    TWU WA BRANCH NEWS, 31 March 2015

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    Candidate Line Up To Sign TWU Pollie Pledge

    March 26

    Transport Workers’ Union NSW Secretary Michael Aird has welcomed the support of Labor, Independent and Greens electoral candidates across NSW who have committed to standing up for transport workers and transport families if elected on Saturday.
    TWU NSW MEDIA RELEASE, 26 March 2015

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    Candidate's Pledge For Safety First

    March 25

    Being the daughter of a truckie meant Labor candidate for the Blue Mountains, Trish Doyle, had no qualms in recently signing a pledge to support the Transport Workers Union's plea for better working conditions ahead of the state election.

    Blue Mountains Gazette, by B.C Lewis, 25 March 2015

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    Transport Workers’ Union To Join ACTU Leadership

    March 24

    Scott Connolly, Assistant Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union Queensland branch, has been elected to the ACTU executive as Assistant Secretary.
    TWU News, 24 March 2015

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    March 17

    Gerry Herron, Qantas baggage handler, is struggling to make ends meet on casual rates. As a father of three, Gerry says he couldn't afford to keep working as a Qantas baggage handler if his penalty rates were abolished.

    Anna Patty, SMH

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    US Government To Investigate If There Is A Link Between Pay And Safety In Trucking

    February 24

    Truck regulator to look at whether certain methods of payment encourage unsafe driving behaviours.
    ATN, by Brad Gardner, 24 February 2015