• Media Release


    August 14

    Transport Workers’ Union President Ray Wyatt today congratulated National Secretary Tony Sheldon on his election to the role of Road Transport Chair at this year’s International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) congress.

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    Tanker Crash Deaths: Legal Action Begins

    August 08

    Transport Workers’ Union Acting National Secretary Michael Kaine said the union would immediately commence legal action against rogue operators in the oil, fuel and gas industries, following yesterday’s (7/8/14) tanker crash on the NSW-Victoria border, which killed three people.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 8 August 2014

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    Flights Over Conflict Zones

    August 07

    Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said he would seek international support for action to force air safety regulators to take their responsibilities seriously in preventing commercial flights from passing over conflict zones.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 7 August 2014

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    Flights Paths Over Conflict Zones

    July 30

    Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said the Federal Government must compel all Australian-registered airlines and flights entering or leaving Australia, to reroute flight paths away from conflict zones.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 30 July 2014

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    TWU Raises Concerns Over Airport Security

    July 25

    The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has called on Australian airlines and airports to raise security standards following footage suggesting lax security.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 24 July 2014

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    Blacktown Lives At Risk: Road Safety Watchdog Faces The Axe

    July 21

    Blacktown truck drivers today said more people would be killed on the roads if the Federal Government succeeded in abolishing a national safety watchdog, the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 July 2014