• Media Release

    Truck Drivers Reveal Chronic Underpayment At Fair Work Commission

    March 06

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 6 March 2017
    Truck drivers will today tell the Fair Work Commission how transport employers pay them little or nothing to make deliveries and force them to falsify work diaries so they can drive trucks for longer.

  • News

    Port Pirie Truck Death Shows Problems In Trucking, Says Transport Workers' Union

    March 02

    TWU SA/NT Branch Media Release, 2 March 2017
    The Transport Workers’ Union has called on industry to come on board with a solution to the crisis in trucking, which saw grandfather Steve Eberhard killed last year after he was hit by a truck.

  • Media Release

    Federal Government Hypocritical and Negligent on Worker Rates

    February 27

    The Federal Government is purely hypocritical on respecting the independence of the Fair Work Commission but rushing when suited it to oppose and abolish the independent Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, said Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon.

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    Who Represents The Drivers?

    February 17

    Big Rigs, by Richard Olsen, TWU NSW State Secretary, 16 February 2017
    We are in a unique political age, an age where the political marketing is "jobs and growth".

  • News

    Vile High Club: Why Is Sexism So Prevalent At 40,000ft?

    February 16

    The Guardian, by Laura Bates, 16 February 2017
    The fact that air travel is associated with glamour and excitement is no excuse for treating female cabin crew like sexualised props

  • Video

    7 News Cairns: Bus Drivers Protest for Fair Pay

    February 15

    (7 News Cairns, 14 Feb 2017) Bus drivers have protested outside the Cairns Translink office during another day of industrial action. The Transport Workers Union is pushing for Translink to provide more funding to Sunbus so Cairns drivers can be paid the same wages as their regional counterparts.