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    Airport Refuellers' Strike Looms Ahead Of AFL Grand Final

    September 25

    The Advertiser, 24 September 2015
    Perth airport workers are refusing to rule out a strike over the AFL Grand Final weekend as a wage dispute with oil giant Shell continues.

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    Shell Thumbs Its Nose at Dockers & Eagles Fans

    September 24

    TWU WA BRANCH MEDIA RELEASE, 24 September 2015

    Aircraft refuelers furious over oil company’s no show

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    It's All Happening On The Horror Highway

    September 23

    TWU WA News, 22 September 2015
    Well, finally some good news on the North West Coastal Highway after years of enduring narrow gutted dangerous and deadly sections of Highway roadworks are underway in earnest.

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    Virgin Rewards Flight Crews with Pay Rises

    September 18

    Sydney Morning Herald, by Jamie Freed, 18 September 2015

    Virgin Australia's short-haul cabin crew will receive generous annual pay rises ranging from 4 per cent to nearly 10 per cent over a four-year period, after voting in favour of an enterprise bargaining agreement the Transport Workers' Union says will make the airline better and more sustainable.

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    TWU Says Taxi Industry Problems Are Much Bigger Than Uber

    September 10

    TWU NSW MEDIA RELEASE, 10 September 2015

    NSW Transport Workers Union Secretary Michael Aird told a rally of taxi drivers in Sydney today the industry’s problems were much more than just the arrival of the UberX App and that drivers moving to the ride sharing company were basically swapping a bad boss for a worse one.

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    Chain of Responsibility

    September 01

    Australasian Transport News, by Steve Skinner, September 2015

    One of the biggest customers of the Australian trucking industry could be vulnerable to chain of responsibility on fatigue, this time for its own company drivers