• Media Release

    Give Migrant Workers The Vote, TWU Demands

    May 18

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that migrant workers be allowed to vote and that costs they are forced to bear, such as health insurance and public education for their children, be shifted to their employers.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 18 May 2015

  • Media Release

    Safety Summit To Examine Deadly Practices In Road Transport

    May 11

    A safety summit examining the reasons why trucking is Australia’s deadliest profession will be one of the main focuses of this year’s Transport Workers’ Union national council.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 11 May 2015

  • Media Release

    TWU Demands Action Over Exploitation By Major Retailers

    May 05

    The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for migrant workers to have mandatory access to union representatives to ensure they are informed of their rights and can seek help if they are being exploited.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 5 May 2015

  • Media Release

    Abuse Revealed In 30% Of Migrant Visas

    April 30

    Problems have been highlighted in over 30% of migrant worker visas recently monitored by the Fair Work Ombudsman, new figures show.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 30 May 2015

  • Media Release

    TWU Slams Government Refusal To Release Information On Veteran’s Pensions

    April 22

    The Transport Workers’ Union has criticised the Department of Veterans Affairs for refusing to release information about the impact of changes to veterans’ pensions.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 22 April 2015

  • Media Release

    TWU Slams Airport $2.8 Billion Revenue While Workers Kept On Low Wages

    April 09

    The major airports are making huge revenues while the people working in them are kept on low wages and hired on a casual and part time basis, the Transport Workers’ Union has said.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 9 April 2015