• Media Release

    TWU Urges Senators To Oppose Bill To Silence Workers

    August 17

    MEDIA RELEASE, 17 August 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is urging Senators to vote down a bill which would silence the voice of workers and cause more fatalities in an already dangerous industry.

  • Media Release

    TWU Demands Reimbursement For Money Spent on Royal Commission

    August 13

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 13 August 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding the Federal Government reimburse over $1 million that the union was forced to spend in answering the Royal Commission on trade unions.

  • Media Release

    Australia Post Must Take Responsibility For Low Pay, Says TWU

    August 04

    MEDIA RELEASE, 4 Aug 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that Australia Post ensure that all workers delivering the company’s goods are paid a fair wage. It is vital that workers are given decent rates of pay that allows them to support their families and ensures they are not put under pressure to take risks which put themselves and other road users at risk.

  • Media Release

    Twu Calls For Register Of Passengers Banned From Airlines

    August 03

    MEDIA RELEASE, 3 August 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that the government set up a register of disruptive passengers banned from airlines. Anyone who assaults cabin crew or other passengers would be included on the register to ensure that offenders banned by one airline do not travel on other airlines, putting other crew and passengers at risk.

  • Media Release

    Major Retailers Must Be Held To Account After Report Shows Rule-Breaking Rampant

    July 30

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 30 July 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the road safety watchdog to hold major companies using transport operators to account after new research shows rule-breaking is rampant and is putting workers lives at risk.

  • Media Release

    Labor Re-Commits To Reducing Truck-Related Carnage On Our Roads, Coalition Should Follow The Lead

    July 28

    MEDIA RELEASE, 28 July 2015

    The Transport Workers Union has commended the Australian Labor Party for reaffirming its support for the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT), a critical institution in the battle to reduce the epidemic of truck-related accidents on our roads.