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    Deafening Silence

    October 10

    Owner Driver, by Michael Kaine, TWU National Secretary, 1 October 2018
    You can just about make out the front of the truck, the grid barely visible amid the angry red blaze. Photographs and video show flames leaping high into the Queensland sky, flanked by black smoke. Debris litters the ground.

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    October 08

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 8 October 2018
    A survey of airline cabin crew shows 65% of respondents have experienced sexual harassment, with one in five crew reporting more than 10 incidents of sexual harassment.

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    Industry Super Australia's job is to eradicate the banks

    September 25

    AFR, by Michael Kaine, 24 Sep 2018
    A dangerous complacency appears to be setting in among industry superannuation funds. And it is happening at precisely the time we should be charging forward to eradicate big banks from our retirement saving system.

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    Inquiry into Gig Economy | ABC News

    September 24

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    VIDEO: Safe Rates - the fight for all Australians

    September 18

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    Video: Truck Convoys for Safe Rates

    September 17