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    Business backs company tax plan

    May 02

    Australian Financial Review, by Phillip Coorey, Patrick Durkin & Jamie Freed, May 2, 2016

    Business leaders have made a last ditch plea for the federal government to commit to cut corporate tax in Tuesday's budget but will have to wait several years with the government expected to chart a path to a lower rate over the decade ahead.

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    Over 200 Transport Workers Block Road In Sydney CBD Over Malcolm Turnbull’s Opposition To Safe Rates For Truck Drivers

    April 28

    TWU NSW MEDIA RELEASE, 28 April 2016
    More than 200 transport workers have taken to the streets in Sydney today to protest Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to put the interests of his big business donors like Coles[i] ahead of the safety of transport workers and everyone on our roads.

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    Office Supply Giant Staples Sacks 45 Sydney Based Owner Drivers By SMS

    April 26

    Transport Workers Union NSW Secretary Michael Aird has branded American office supplies giant Staples heartless for sacking 45 owner driver truck drivers by SMS in an ongoing dispute about low rates of pay for home deliveries and intimidation by management.

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    Weekend Truck Crashes Claim 10 Lives; Govt Moves To Abolish Road Safety Watchdog

    April 18

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 18 April 2016

    A weekend of horror truck crashes has claimed the lives of 10 people, including two young girls, as the Government prepares to abolish the road safety watchdog.

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    Truckies Need A Fair Go Or More Lives Will Be Lost

    April 18

    SMH, by Tony Sheldon, 18 April 2016
    This is what happens when a truck driver isn't  paid a decent rate to cover the costs of running his truck or his labour. He speeds, drives longer than he is permitted to, skips mandatory rest breaks, forgoes maintenance on his truck. He might even take drugs to keep himself awake to drive those extra hours.

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    Truckie Pay Pressures Killed My Brother John

    April 15

    The Daily Telegraph, by Susan Posnakidis, 15 April 2016
    The thing that will always haunt me is that my brother John spent his last night on this earth waiting with his truck, alone. His truck had broken down and rather than go home, he chose to stay with his load, as any truckie would do. Early the next morning as he waited at a bus stop for help an out-of-control truck carrying 42 tonnes of steel crashed through the bus stop on the Princes Highway, Urrbrae, in South Australia.