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    Sheldon Responds To SARTA Letter

    July 26

    Owner Driver, 25 July 2016
    TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon has issued a statement following SARTA executive director Steve Shearer’s letter to Owner//Driver criticising the TWU’s motives in the Safe Rates debate.

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    Getting the Balance Right

    July 25

    Big Rigs, TWU NSW News, 24 July 2016
    Last edition we shared with you the important changes that were recently made to the General Carriers Contract Determinations (GCCD) and in particular the expansion of its coverage across NSW.

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    Potentially Deadly Weapons Found On Darwin Buses | NT News

    July 18

    NT News, by Lauren Roberts, 17 July 2016
    Axes, jagged knives, scissors, drunken fights and verbal abuse – this is what our unarmed transit safety officers face every day while trying to keep Darwin bus drivers and passengers safe.

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    The Assault On Penalty Rates Continues

    July 15

    TWU VIC/TAS Branch, 15 July 2016
    The fight for workers’ rights continues after new National Retail Association (NRA) boss Dominique Lamb confirmed big business will persist in its push to have penalty rates cut.

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    Fight For A Fair Go

    July 14

    Owner Driver, by TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon, July 2016  

    The big lie from those opposed to Safe Rates is that making the bosses at the top of supply chains accountable for safe rates and conditions won’t fix a thing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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    All For Nothing

    July 13

    Owner Driver, June 2016

    The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal’s demise has left some gloating, and others knowing that their hope of increased rates is more than likely gone forever. The Interstater writes