• Media Release

    Union Membership Vital For Workers Facing Safety Threats

    October 28

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 28 October 2015
    Union membership remains high among transport workers who face safety threats, low pay and forced part-time work, according to the Transport Workers’ Union.

  • Media Release

    TWU Urges Road Safety Watchdog To Set Safe Minimum Rates Following Hearings

    October 26

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 26 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union is urging the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal to act on the threats to safety outlined by drivers during hearings over the weekend and to set safe minimum pay rates.

  • Media Release

    TWU: Clients Link Coles Must Pay Fair Share To Ensure Safe Rates For All Drivers

    October 23

    TWU Media Release, 23 October 2015 

    The Transport Workers Union has called for the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal to ensure industry clients, like Coles, pay their fair share to ensure safe rates for all drivers and include provisions for auditing industry supply chains in the final Tribunal ruling on driver rates.

  • Media Release

    TWU Urges Shareholders To Demand Qantas Tackle Low Wages, Part-Time Work

    October 23

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 23 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union is urging Qantas shareholders at today’s annual general meeting to demand that the company provide decent quality jobs for its workforce after a survey showed many are struggling to meet costs.

  • Media Release

    Drivers Urge Safe Rates to End Carnage In Trucking As Road Safety Hearings Open

    October 22

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 22 October 2015
    Truck drivers are today urging the road safety watchdog to set safe minimum rates that cover the full cost of their work to help put an end to the deadly pressures in the transport industry.

  • Media Release

    TWU Urges Government To Scrap Low Performing Retail Funds

    October 21

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 October 2015


    The Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the government to abolish retail funds instead of bringing in changes which will damage the high-performing industry superannuation system.