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    Diary Danger

    November 02

    by Steve Skinner

    Electronic work diaries (EWD) are "doomed to fail" without also reforming the trucking industry, says one of Australia’s top transport fatigue researchers.

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    OWNER DRIVER: Kicked In The Guts

    November 02

    by Tony Sheldon, TWU National Secretary

    Roy Ballentyne, an owner-driver from South Australia, is flabbergasted. He just can’t get his head around a report brought out recently by Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell stating that minimum rates for ownerdrivers are a bad thing.

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    Union Demise Fuels Trump-Style Hate

    October 21

    Daily Telegraph, by TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon, 21 Oct 2016
    The world is rightly terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump being elected US president next month. But Trump's rise is not the only worrying sign that disaffection is rife among electorates across the world. Populist politics has gained a foothold in the UK, France, the Philippines and elsewhere. Australia has not escaped this phenomenon.

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    Trucking Boss Jailed For Driver's Death

    October 12

    By AAP, 11 October 2016
    An Adelaide trucking company boss has been jailed for at least seven and a half years after one of his drivers died because of faulty truck brakes.

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    Truck Union Wins Ruling But Fight Not Over

    October 06

    The Daily Examiner, by Chris Calcino, 6 October 2016
    The union representing many truckies is claiming victory after industry lobby group NatRoad's effort to gain exemption from setting minimum pay rates for owner-drivers was rejected.

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    Industry's enemy

    October 01

    Drivers being paid for all the work they do will never happen while the current anomaly of low freight rates exists, writes The Interstater