• Media Release

    TWU Welcomes Appointment of Michael Gallacher as Ports Australia CEO

    April 07

    TWU Statement, 7 April 2017
    The Transport Workers’ Union has welcomed the announcement of the appointment of Michael Gallacher as Australia Ports chief executive.

  • Media Release

    Aerocare Attempts Cover-Up On Working Conditions

    April 05

    TWU STATEMENT, 5 April 2017
    Aerocare backed by its private equity fund owner Archer Capital is attempting to cover-up appalling working conditions which were revealed recently, including staff forced to sleep rough at airports. 

  • Media Release

    Transport Workers Protest Over Company's Exploitation & Fed Govt Inaction

    April 04

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 4 April 2017

    Transport workers and activists will hold co-ordinated protests around the country today over transport operator, Northline, which is spear-heading a race to the bottom in the industry through poor wages and conditions.

  • Media Release

    Horror Truck Crash Shows Need For Urgent Government Action, Says TWU

    March 24

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 24 March 2017 

    Two truck drivers have been killed in a horrific truck crash in Sydney’s south highlighting the deadly nature of the job and the need for a solution to the crisis in trucking.

  • Media Release

    Footage Shows Third World Conditions For Workers At Australia's Airports

    March 21

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 March 2017

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that airports and airlines are held to account after appalling conditions for workers have been revealed, including staff forced to sleep at the airport.

  • Media Release

    Win For Owner Drivers As Industry Backs And Expands Model For Fair Rates & Conditions

    March 15

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 15 March 2017

    Owner drivers got a boost today as the NSW Industrial Relations Commission backed and expanded a system which ensures them full cost recovery for their work.