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    AUF supports Australian and International Pilots Association's call of no confidence in Jetstar CEO

    August 24

    The Australian Aviation Unions Federation (AUF) has supported the Australian and International Pilots Association’s call of no confidence in Jetstar CEO Bruce Buchanan as the airline moves to bring in overseas pilots at cut-price wages.

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    August 19

    Your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is due for renegotiation in October 2010.  We want to hear from you what you want in your agreement.  Your wages, entitlements and working conditions are important for you and your family- make sure you have your say!!

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    TWU addresses ITF on tackling climate change

    August 06

    Transport workers have agreed that they must take responsibility for tackling climate change at the International Transport Workers Federation’s (ITF) first-ever climate change conference.

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    Qantas (Jetstar) needs to focus on standards, not just profit

    August 03

    Following Qantas (Jetstar’s) push to drop passenger checks on trans-Tasman traffic the Transport Workers Union has demanded any changes are conditional on all flights meeting Australian standards.

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    85% members vote yes to landmark agreement

    July 29

    Last week almost 85% of Toll Dnata staff across the country voted to accept the EBA negotiated by your TWU and rank and file delegates. This is a great victory for members across Toll Dnata and is the first national union agreement in almost 10 years at these workplaces - delivering all the key provisions outlined below. 

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    TWU calls for Australian wages and conditions for Australian skies

    July 28

    The Transport Workers Union has backed the Australian and International Pilots Association calls to stop cheaper pilots being used by Qantas in Australian air spaces.