• Media Release

    Cabin crew ratio must stay

    May 25

    The Australian Aviation Unions Federation will front the House Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications’ ‘Inquiry into ratio of cabin crew members on aircraft’ today calling on safety to be put in front of short- term management, bonus-induced cost cutting.

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    Testing proves biosolid unsafe

    May 22

    Exclusive tests reveal salmonella and Third World parasites are present in human faeces fertiliser spread on farms, even after it has been treated, leading to calls for foods grown with the substance to be banned from supermarket shelves.

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    Airport terror threat, workers want answers

    May 18

    The Transport Workers Union has called for an immediate upgrade in security at all airports following today’s extremist threats at Melbourne airports where Jetstar and Qantas operate.

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    “Qantas Asia” is wrong, we need to save our airline

    May 13

    Employees and shareholders will question the actions of Qantas management this morning after revelations the company was looking to start a “Qantas Asia” brand out of Malaysia in order to continue the off-shoring of Australian jobs.

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    Unite and British Airways reach agreement on cabin crew

    May 12

    Commenting on today’s agreement between Unite and British Airways, ITF general secretary David Cockroft said: “This groundbreaking agreement brings an end to the dispute within sight, subject to the approval of the cabin crew.”

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    Budget delivers for transport sector

    May 11

    The Australian Transport Unions Federation (ATUF) welcomed announcements in the federal budget related to regulatory reform and a massive funding boost for transport infrastructure, skills and training.