• Media Release

    TWU To Highlight Pressures In Trucking During Road Safety Watchdog Hearings

    October 13

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 13 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union will highlight the deadly effects of pressure in transport at hearings next week on safe minimum rates for owner drivers and demonstrate how vital it is that drivers are paid for the full costs of their work.

  • Media Release

    TWU To Push For End To Trucking Carnage At United Nations Body

    October 12

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 12 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union will address the United Nations labour body in Geneva today to highlight the crisis in trucking and urge a global response.

  • Media Release

    Aviation Workers Angered By CAPA Award To Qantas CEO

    October 09

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 9 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union has condemned the decision by aviation consultants CAPA Centre for Aviation to award Alan Joyce airline chief executive of the year.

  • Media Release

    TWU Demands Further Action By Aus Post On Underpayment Of Drivers

    October 08

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 8 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that Australia Post take further action to ensure workers delivering the company’s goods are paid a fair wage. The underpayment of drivers is not limited to the three parcel delivery operators Australia Post has cancelled contracts with and it is imperative that this problem is dealt with fully.

  • Media Release

    TWU Holds Protests At Coles Stores During Global Week Of Action

    October 06

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 6 October 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union is holding protests today to highlight the deadly squeeze on trucking as part of a week of global action by the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

  • Media Release

    TWU Slams Coles Boss $4.6M Pay Packet While Truckies Die

    September 18

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 18 September 2015
    The Transport Workers’ Union has criticised the million-dollar pay packs of top management at Coles while the wealthy retailer drives down transport costs, creating carnage on the roads.