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    Safe rates team meets as announcement date looms

    October 13

    The Federal Government is close to announcing its position on safe rates, meeting with its advisory group today to finalise its response to a review into trucking pay methods. 

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    TWU confirms national Qantas action for tomorrow

    October 12

    The Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) today confirmed that Qantas ground crews would participate in work stoppages at all major airports tomorrow following further inaction by Qantas to resolve staff requests for job security clauses over the life of the next Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

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    Aviation workers in Kuwait suspend strike after deal is reached

    October 08

    Workers at Kuwait Airways have called off strike action after the union representing them reached a tentative agreement with the government. They had been set for industrial action on 10 October over the state-owned company’s refusal to grant them benefits awarded to other public sector workers.

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    Where is Qantas threat investigation up to? The Violence that Qantas ignores.

    October 07

    The Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) today called for a formal update from Qantas on progress with investigations into alleged threats against company personnel.  The union has also flagged a serious double-standard when it comes to dealing with threats and acts of violence.

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    Friday Airport Strike Action Off - TWU Seeks Genuine Offer from Qantas

    October 06

    The Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) has called off tomorrow's planned two hour stoppage at airports across the country. The stoppage was planned for late afternoon.

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    The Genuine Violent Threats Qantas Ignores

    October 05

    On the day Qantas courted the media and smeared its Australian employees with anonymous allegations, the Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) has expressed its grave concern about the arbitrary detention by Fiji Police of the Secretary of the Fiji Airline Pilots' Association, Mr Shalend Scott.