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    IATA Raised Its 2011 Profit Expectation

    September 20

    The International Air Transport Association has upgraded its profit forecast for this calendar year by more than 70 per cent to $US6.9bn, after the global economic gloom failed to stop people from flying.

  • Media Release

    Is Qantas waiting for return of WorkChoices?

    September 19

    The Transport Workers Union expressed its regret that the travelling public will experience airport delays early tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20) as a result of Qantas’ efforts to frustrate efforts to agree to a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

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    Qantas Lack of Good Faith the Key to EBA Breakdown

    September 15

    The Transport Workers Union today said months of frustration caused by aggressive new Qantas management strategies were behind its members’ decision to take industrial action next week.

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    TWU Members To Take Industrial Action at Qantas

    September 14

    Following continued stonewalling by Qantas management in ongoing enterprise bargaining negotiations, the Transport Workers Union of Australia has today written to Qantas advising that TWU members across the country will take industrial action next week.

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    ACTU Release: Ansett - a 10 year journey by workers and unions comes to an end

    September 14

    Australian unions will today reflect on a 10 year journey alongside thousands of former employees of Ansett airlines to ensure they received as close to 100% of their entitlements as was possible.

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    Qantas Censors Critics – Kangaroo Kick to Freedom of Speech

    September 12

    The Transport Workers Union of Australia today queried whether an over-sensitive Qantas Executive has had a quiet word to YouTube about a video that has set new records in communicating with union members.