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    Sunset ordered to play ball amid claims of Ruttley link

    April 01

    The trucking company run by a former Ruttley Freightlines manager will be forced to defend an unfair dismissal claim amid suggestions it has a business deal with Bob Ruttley.

  • Media Release

    Statement by Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union

    March 31

    The recent action by the Fijian Government to amend the management structure of Air Pacific highlights yet again the dodgy international dealings of Qantas senior management. That’s according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union.

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    We've been heard: Safe Rates is law

    March 30

    After decades of campaigning, the TWU has finally declared victory for the Safe Rates campaign, when the Road Safety Remuneration bill became law on March 20.

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    TWU and Townsville City Council reached in-principal agreement for garbage truck workers

    March 29

    Townsville rubbish collection will return to normal on March 30 after talks with the unions and the council. They reached an in-principle agreement that ended the two week long strike. Tom Pfund from the Transport Workers union stated that council had agreed to discuss the lobby claims and they apologised to the rate payers for the disturbance.

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    Tribunal to take charge of pay and conditions

    March 28

    The Australian Government will introduce a Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, with the power to set pay and pay-related conditions for truck drivers, from July 1.

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    7:30 - Police operation cracks down on speeding truckies

    March 27

    Frank Black, who has been driving a trucks for 27 years and says targetting drivers alone is no the answer. " Most of the guys are good honest guys. But when pressure gets put on and especially when you get threatened with financial penalties for not meeting your deadline, you tend to do what can to make sure you do. By cracking down just on the drivers themeselves for doing it. They really need to get to the roots of problem which is client pressure.