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    Union leader backs airport at Wilton

    April 12

    An international airport near Wollongong is ‘‘the real deal’’ to transform the Illawarra economy, a key transport figure says.

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    Road safety on the table

    April 04

    Hawkesbury roads could be safer for both truck drivers and other motorists as the new federal Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) gets into gear.

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    Fair Work Ombudsman Finally Acts on Jetstar/Qantas Crewing

    April 03

    The announcement that Jetstar/Qantas is facing legal action from the Fair Work Ombudsman for contravening workplace laws by engaging Australian based trainee pilots on New Zealand contracts surprises no one familiar with the workplace agenda of senior management. That’s according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union.

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    TWU SA Secretary Ray Wyatt's Interview with ABC 891 Adelaide

    April 02

    Interview with Ray Wyatt, Secretary for the Transport Workers Union of SA and NT. Abraham asks whether the angst over the contract lot of bus contracts is unusual. Wyatt says it's unusual and unfortunate. He says the situation concerns him personally, as the frustration of the public is being taken out on his members. He says people should get on the metro for TransAdelaide and put in an official complaint.

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    Airline companies to face court over alleged breaches of workplace laws

    April 02

    The Fair Work Ombudsman today commenced legal action against Australian and New Zealand airline companies for allegedly contravening workplace laws.

    Fair Work Ombudsman Media Release

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    In the name of safety

    April 01

    The passing of the Road Safety Remuneration Bill is a landmark decision that should lead to a safer trucking industry, writes Tony Sheldon.