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    Signing up for Cheaper Arcraft

    October 12

    Joining the Cape Town Convention means a good deal for local airlines. Australian airlines are set to benefit from a move by the federal government to sign the Cape Town Convention covering the international movement of aircraft.

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    TWU Greeting from Teamsters

    October 11

    Jeff Farmer, Diretor of Organising, Teamsters Union, extends the special greetings to the TWU on behalf of the Teamsters.

  • Media Release

    Alan Joyce Cannot Whitewash Responsibility for Threatening Future Viability of Qantas

    October 09

    Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is attempting to whitewash his role in jeopardising the future viability of Qantas at the same time as he misrepresents the impact of the proposed Emirates alliance on Qantas and Australia’s national interest. That's according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union.

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    Driving the message home

    October 08

    Members from a Wollongong based delivery company stopped work last Monday to bring the delivery company to the table and discuss members’ concerns.

    Transport Workers' Union NSW, 8 October 2012

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    666 ABC Canberra: Truck Crashes on Hume Highway

    October 06

    A sharp increase in serious truck crashes on the Hume Highway has sparked debate about who is responsible. The Transport Workers' Union study of more than 200 drivers found 85% blamed unsafe driving praticees on pressure from large clients.

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    Channel 9: Bus Attack in Queensland

    October 05

    Passengers aboard a Surfside at Merrimac feared for safety last night as the bus was hit with a box with a rock in it. Peter Biagini, State Secretary of the Transport Workers' Union (TWU) Queensland Branch, said the culprits don't seem to understand the consequences, that if someone is killed their lives will be ruined too. The union said drivers are quitting due to the attacks. Subsequently, two parking officers in Surfers Paradise have been beaten by two men.