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    Violent Brawl Highlights Perth Bus Security

    March 11

    It started with racial abuse then continued with a tirade of explicit language and threatening gestures, and ended in an all-out brawl.

    Robyn Preston, WA Today

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    SA Public Transport Safety Is Under Fire

    March 08

    (Channel 9 Adelaide, 08 March 2013) The safety of public transport in SA is under fire following the release of concerning crime figures. Statistics reveal the huge increase in the number of passengers being prosecuted for anything from fare evasion to assault and robberies. The transport workers union says no where near enough is being done to improve security including on SA buses and the drivers are frustrated.

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    Metro-link Members Proceed with Protected Action Ballot

    March 07

    While bus drivers across the state are benefiting from the security of a new Union Agreement, members at Metro-link are starting to feel the pinch, with its employer refusing to commit to the conditions and job security of its drivers.

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    TWU Sees UPS Deal As A Breakthrough

    March 04

    The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has hailed its workplace agreement at United Parcel Service (UPS) as an evidence of the union’s strength.

    Owner Driver

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    Union Says New Student Bus Rules Are Unworkable

    March 04

    The Transport Workers Union (TWU) says bus drivers cannot be expected to enforce harsher penalties on misbehaving students.

    By David Lewis, ABC News

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    'Donald Duck' Could Be Banned From Bus

    March 04

    Students exploiting bus safety practises such as the 'no child left behind' principle could be refused travel under new guidelines, the Queensland Government announced today.

    Australasian Bus & Coach