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    Hanson Axed 130 Truckies' Job

    June 11

    (2GB) It is outrages that HeidelbergCement Group's Hanson would try to sack 130 truckies at 2 o'clock on a Friday before the long weekend. The company is one of the largest construction companies in the world, are very profitable, and have a huge market share - the decision appears only to be driven by greed. Last year Hanson also applied to the Government for 170 positions, including truck drivers, on 457 visas.

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    Union Members Get More In The Transport Sector

    June 07

    Union members working in the transport, postal and warehousing sector get paid around $155 a week more than workers who are not members of a union, according to figures recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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    Government Legislation on Skilled Migration A Step In The Right Direction

    June 07

    The only people to lose out from the Federal Government reforms of Australia’s skilled migration programmes are those unscrupulous employers who rort loopholes in the current system to exploit foreign workers and evade their responsibility to educate and train local workers, said Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) National Secretary Tony Sheldon.

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    Employers Aboard On Safety Call

    June 07

    Truck drivers and their employers presented a united front at the TWU National Council in Darwin recently in calls for greater focus on road safety in the supply chain.

    Big Rigs

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    Cage Rural Overpasses: Union Call

    June 05

    The Transport Workers' Union says motorists in the bush deserve the same protections from potentially deadly rock throwers as in the major cities.

    ABC News

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    Queensland Plan to Review Speed Limits Runs into TWU Opposition

    June 04

    A planned Queensland Government review that may lead to increases to speed limits across the State has run into opposition from the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

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