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    Owner-driver Union Delegate Wins Adverse Action Injunction

    October 28

    In a rare adverse action case involving an independent contractor, the Federal Court has issued a mandatory injunction compelling a building materials supplier to provide concrete haulage work to an owner-driver pending the hearing of his case that his contract was terminated because of his union activity.

    Workplace Express, 28 October 2013

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    A Huge Win for the Little Guy - Hanson Owner Driver Granted Injunctive Relief

    October 25

    Proud Transport Workers’ Union Delegate and Owner Driver Michael Meredith will be able to use his new truck until such time as his claim against Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd is heard.

  • Media Release

    Fairness for Workers at Qantas AGM?

    October 18

    Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) National Secretary Tony Sheldon has today called on shareholders at the Qantas AGM to deliver fairness for Qantas ground staff by guaranteeing them Australia’s minimum weekly wage.

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    First Blood Now Used Syringes Facing Ipswich Bus Drivers

    October 18

    Less than 12 months after the derelict Ipswich Transit Centre was surrounded in bloodstains and smashed glass, today Ipswich bus drivers are walking over used syringes and swabs to access their second-class toilet and meal facilities.

    TWU QLD MEDIA RELEASE, 18 October 2013

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    Beaches Tanker Tradedy: Govt Must Put Aussie Lives Before Corporate Greed

    October 04

    As the Northern Beaches is hit by a fatal truck accident in Mona Vale, the Transport Workers Union of New South Wales has called on the Federal Government to put Aussie lives on the road ahead of the greed of multinational giants and strengthen safety standards in the trucking industry.

    TWU NSW MEDIA RELEASE, 4 October 2013

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    Darwin Bus Drivers to Collect Support, Not Fares

    October 03

    Darwin Bus Services drivers have thanked the Territory community for their huge support in the ongoing dispute with the NT government as industrial action continues tomorrow.

    Earlier this afternoon, drivers voted not to collect fares from the public and not to wear uniforms tomorrow, Thursday, 3 October. This latest industrial action follows on from Monday’s 24 hour stoppage, which received widespread community support.