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    Truck Crash Prompts Renewed Calls for North West Coastal Highway Fix

    May 13

    The Transport Workers Union has reiterated its call for the highway linking the Pilbara and Gascoyne to be upgraded after another road train accident at the weekend.


  • Media Release

    Federal ICAC & Donation Reform

    May 11

    Transport Workers Union National Secretary and ALP Senior Vice-President Tony Sheldon today called on both Labor and the Liberals to bring in legislation for a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 11 May 2014

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    Sky New Australian Agenda: Tony Sheldon

    May 11

    Interview with Tony Sheldon

    Australian Agenda program, 11 May 2014

  • Media Release

    Coles in Court

    May 06

    Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today urged the ACCC to examine Coles' use of unconscionable conduct throughout its supply chain, including the use of unfair economic pressure on drivers to force them to speed or skip rest breaks.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 6 May 2014

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    CH7: Toll Road

    May 04

    (CH7 Perth, 4 May 2014) Truck drivers fear their vehicle's safety may be compromised if they are charged for using the Roe Highway extension.

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    Canberra Garbo Called Off Industrial Action

    May 01

    (WIN Canberra, 1 May 2014) Canberra garbage collectors have called off planned industrial action after the Transport Workers Union presented new draft contracts from SITA this morning. Workers claim they have been $100 per week worse off since SITA assumed control of ACT garbage collection last year.