• Media Release

    Qantas Workers Call for Change

    October 24

    The Transport Workers’ Union today slammed the Qantas Transformation Program as a complete failure and said the only way profitability would be restored to the company was through deep and sustained engagement with the workforce.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 24 October 2014

  • Media Release

    Truck Driving Australia's Deadliest Job

    October 20

    The Transport Workers’ Union today called for the Federal Government to pledge its full support to Australia’s road safety watchdog - the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) – to protect those working in Australia’s most deadly industry.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 20 October 2014

  • Video

    I'm TWU, are you?

    October 17

    TWU NSW Branch Video

  • Media Release

    Coles' Perfect Profit Day Un-Australian And Deadly

    October 17

    The Transport Workers’ Union today called for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate conduct from supermarket giant Coles towards transport and logistics suppliers that force unsafe practices within the road transport industry.
    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 17 October 2014

  • News

    Top Jobs Retained As 2035 Vision Comes To Life

    October 16

    It is with great satisfaction that I announce that the TWU of NSW leadership team, led by Michael Aird and Richard Olsen, was unopposed at the close of nominations at last week’s quadrennial election.
    Letter from TWU NSW State Secretary Wayne Forno, 16 October 2014

  • Media Release

    More Needs To Be Done To Avoid Another Cootes

    October 08

    The Transport Workers’ Union today welcomed a further $50,000 fine to trucking company Cootes Transport for operating unsafe vehicles, but said more needs to be done to hold to account those at the top of transport supply chains for the lethal pressures that lead to poor maintenance records in Australia’s most dangerous industry.
    TWU STATEMENT, 8 October 2014