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    New ballot to defend UK cabin crew

    June 21

    The ITF-affiliated UK union Unite, representing the BA cabin crew, announced on 22 June that members would again be balloted on strike action, unless BA demonstrates by next Tuesday that it is willing to enter into talks to solve fresh issues between the parties.

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    Virgin Blue condoned porn, claim sacked workers

    June 20

    Sharing pornography has been commonplace in the offices and staff rooms of Virgin Blue for years, a group of workers  sacked by the airline claim. And they say that, far from objecting to the practice, airline management openly condoned it.At least five of the more than 25 Virgin Blue workers, sacked as part of a company-wide crackdown on pornography, are set to challenge the terminations in court as unfair dismissals.

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    NDU: Time for the transport industry to support safe rates

    April 21

    The National Distribution Union says all arms of the transport industry should support Labour MP Darien Fenton’s call for an enquiry into owner driver contracts.

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    February 13

    The Transport Workers Union has filed an application for a general protections dispute with Fair Work Australia that seeks to reverse a recent decision by Qantas to bar all women from 47 new permanent positions created at Sydney Airport.

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    Paid parental leave ‘over my dead body’, says Abbot

    February 09

    Reports that Liberal leader Tony Abbott is considering a taxpayer-funded paid maternity leave scheme must be treated with extreme suspicion given his track record as a supporter of WorkChoices and previous hardline opponent of helping working mothers, say unions.

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    December 30

    The Transport Workers Union has urged all motorists to be careful throughout the remainder of the holiday season and reminded drivers that truck movements are the same across the year, including in the holiday period.