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    TWU Blockades Bus Company After Refusal To Pass On Pay Rise From Public Purse

    August 10

    NSW TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 10 August 2015

    TWU bus drivers blockaded the Smithfield depot of bus operator Transit Systems today after the multinational giant refused to give drivers a taxpayer-funded pay rise.

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    RSRT Inquiry Faces Gap To Bridge

    August 06

    Australasian Transport News, 6 August 2015

    Model for minimum payments faces stiff opposition, but RSRT has time on its side. The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) is continuing its inquiry into contract transport drivers, with the next formal hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

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    Driver Pay Rise Rewards Swift Transportation

    August 06

    Australasian Transport News, by Brad Gardner, 6 August 2015

    Premier US trucking firm Swift Transportation is continuing to generate positive feedback from its decision one year ago to begin paying its truck drivers more.

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    Australia Post Must Take Responsibility For Low Pay, Says TWU

    August 04

    MEDIA RELEASE, 4 Aug 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that Australia Post ensure that all workers delivering the company’s goods are paid a fair wage. It is vital that workers are given decent rates of pay that allows them to support their families and ensures they are not put under pressure to take risks which put themselves and other road users at risk.

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    Twu Calls For Register Of Passengers Banned From Airlines

    August 03

    MEDIA RELEASE, 3 August 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that the government set up a register of disruptive passengers banned from airlines. Anyone who assaults cabin crew or other passengers would be included on the register to ensure that offenders banned by one airline do not travel on other airlines, putting other crew and passengers at risk.

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    Chain Of Command

    August 01

    Australasian Transport News, by Brad Gardner, 1 August 2015

    One of Victoria's top cops concedes the state needs to do better on chain of responsibility prosecutions, so he's putting forward a plan to improve its success rate.