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    TNT defiant as union wins right to strike over super

    January 25

    TNT has vowed to resist a union wage and superannuation push that will hit the company with a series of rolling strikes across the country on Friday.

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    Truck drivers call for tolerance

    January 20

    Truck drivers have called on governments, banks and clients to be flexible and tolerant throughout the current flooding crisis across Australia as drivers are delayed through road closures and road damage

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    Sunbus offer: 20c a year

    January 19

    THE Transport Workers' Union has confirmed Townsville bus drivers will hang up their keys again on Friday to protest a proposed pay increase of 20c a year.

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    Fedex workers in Germany won a collective bargaining agreement last month after two rounds of strike action reaped rewards.

    January 15

    The ITF-affiliated German union Ver.di, which represents the workers, reached the agreement with the company during the fifth set of negotiations on 17 December. Union members had twice taken strike action to fight for a fair deal for Fedex workers.

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    Whistleblower Jetstar pilot gets job back

    December 21

    Jetstar has agreed to reinstate whistleblower pilot Joe Eakins, who was sacked last month after airing his concerns about falling safety standards.

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    ITF Aviation Briefing: December 2010

    December 20

    This Aviation Briefing is a compilation of general aviation information we are collecting on a regular basis. In order to keep it as up-to-date as possible, it is sent out in English and by email only. Should you find an article which is of particular interest to you, please contact the Secretariat and we will try and either find it in your language or have it translated for you, exceptionally (time and resources permitting)