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    Defence should provide secure environment for families

    January 20

    A new report showing Australia’s Defence instillations were poorly guarded has raised further concerns for increased security throughout the defence community. This report comes after three men were found guilty of plotting an attack on Holsworthy Army Base in December.

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    Qantas should rule out extra charges

    January 18

    Qantas and Jetstar passengers in Australia should not have to pay for the printing of tickets at airports following a Spanish court’s ruling that Ryanair can't charge $40 for the printing of tickets.

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    Port Strategy a vital step forward

    January 17

    The Transport Union Federation (MUA, TWU, RTBU) today welcomed the Gillard Government's National Port Strategy and said it will provide the framework and the vital direction Australia's Ports have long been crying out for. Together with the Government's proposed shipping reform, the successful adoption of the strategy will herald a new era for Australian ports and shipping

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    Qantas must improve airport security

    December 23

    Airport employees have called on Qantas to immediately put an end to outsourcing at the airport and improve security to ensure all people entering the secure area of the airport are appropriately screened.

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    TWU v Post Logistics Australasia Pty Ltd [2010] NSW IRC 177

    December 20

    The above decision is a judgment of the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales concerning an appeal brought by the Transport Worker Union of New South Wales against a decision of Commissioner Connor.

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    TWU announces groundbreaking deal with Linfox

    December 17

    In a new wages deal that will set a benchmark for transport workers across road transport, distribution and airlines, the TWU has negotiated a four per cent per annum pay rise with increased superannuation and job security with transport giant Linfox.