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    Sheldon ups ante in quest for safe rates

    February 27

    Union boss Tony Sheldon has upped the ante in his quest for safe rates, again turning his guns on Coles for “squeezing the life” out of truck drivers. 

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    Signing up for safety - Truckies Campaign for Fairer Working Conditions

    February 22

    Ben Mcclellan families of Blacktown truck drivers don’t know if their loved ones will come home safely because of what are described as unfair working conditions, Greenway federal Labor MP Michelle Rowland said.

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    Long, dangerous road to fair go for truckies - Anthony Albanese MP

    February 20

    Facts are stubborn but statistics are more pliable, said the master of the great one-liner Mark Twain. That's why, when it comes to truck accidents, the figures might help but they don't really tell the story.  

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    'Historic opportunity' as committee hearing begins

    February 15

    The Transport Workers Union has continued to press its case for a safe rates tribunal as a parliamentary committee begins scrutinising the Federal Government’s proposed reform.

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    Fox lashes out at Woolies and Coles for 'dictating terms'

    February 08

    Trucking magnate Lindsay Fox has launched a scathing attack on Australia's major retailers, accusing them of "expecting everything for nothing", as farmers and grocery suppliers claim they are using their market power to demand cheaper prices.

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    More offshoring of Australian jobs? Can you bank on it?

    February 07

    Reports of more offshoring of jobs from Australia to other countries are, seemingly, a daily occurrence. Such reports include, for example, the manufacturing of cars and their components and aspects of the service sector, including information technology (IT), telecommunications and banking.