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    Sunset ordered to play ball amid claims of Ruttley link

    April 01

    The trucking company run by a former Ruttley Freightlines manager will be forced to defend an unfair dismissal claim amid suggestions it has a business deal with Bob Ruttley.

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    We've been heard: Safe Rates is law

    March 30

    After decades of campaigning, the TWU has finally declared victory for the Safe Rates campaign, when the Road Safety Remuneration bill became law on March 20.

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    Tribunal to take charge of pay and conditions

    March 28

    The Australian Government will introduce a Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, with the power to set pay and pay-related conditions for truck drivers, from July 1.

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    Tribunal begins hearing Qantas labour dispute

    March 23

    Qantas Airways’ right to increasingly rely on lower-paid ground workers is likely to be the central issue for Fair Work Australia in its arbitration of a dispute between the Transport Workers Union and the airline.

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    Thumbs down for Joyce tactic

    March 22

    Qantas Airways would be prevented from grounding its fleet without prior consultation with the government and safety authorities under surprise regulations recommended by a Senate committee yesterday.

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    'Historic decision' paves way for safer roads

    March 21

    The move to establish a tribunal to set pay rates for truck drivers is a “historic decision”, according to the Transport Workers Union, which says the reform will improve road safety.