A strong voice for Transport Workers

As a strong voice for over 90,000 transport workers across Australia, and an active campaigning union, the TWU uses every tool at our disposal to bring about real change to improve the lives of our members and their families.

Transport workers, through their membership and activism in the TWU, have a proud history of campaigning to hold employers and governments to account, and introducing new standards and policies that deliver for transport workers, their families and the Australian community.

The TWU successfully campaigns as a strong voice for transport workers, lobbying politicians and governments from all sides of politics to enact laws and policies that work for transport workers and their families.

Through affiliation with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) the TWU works with other Australian unions towards secure jobs and a better future for all every Australian worker.

Making politics work for Transport Workers

In 2012 alone, TWU members and thousands of our community supporters across the country, had ground breaking success in making political change.

The historic Safe Rates Bill had been in the making for more than 20 years, and in March, we successfully saw it passed into law. TWU members successfully campaigned to establish the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal which is the first of its kind in the world and will provide a powerful tool in the fight for better safety and condition for truckies across the country.

The TWU is also fighting for safe and secure Australian skies. Aviation is a vital part of our national security as well as a source of employment for hundreds of thousands of Australians. The TWU is fighting for the safety and security of our aviation industry for the sake of both aviation workers, the travelling public and protection of the national interest.

Thinking Globally

Internationally the TWU has been a world leader in the campaign to promote trade unionism and human rights, and to end the exploitation of workers around the globe.

As a proud affiliate of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), our members are a part of an international movement with millions of members around the world.

In today’s world of large global companies and economies, trade unions need to think globally and remember that our fight is their fight. That’s why in the past year, the TWU has signed strong solidarity agreements with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Transport Workers’ Union of America.

We know that united we are stronger. By standing together with our international brothers and sisters, we can best win fairness and justice in our workplaces and communities and build a better future for transport workers across the globe.

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    Go Home On Time Day is an initiative of The Australia Institute that is now in its fourth year, and the ACTU has been a supporter of the event since its inception.

    Address by ACTU President Ged Kearney to the National Press Club, Canberra, 21 November 2012

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