Toll workers win breakthrough

Following months of negotiations and agreed workplace consultations, TWU national workplace representatives and Toll reached an agreement, and Toll workers voted overwhelmingly in favour of the agreement – 92% said YES.
Meetings were held at yards around the country seeking endorsement of the proposal, and it now heads to the Fair Work Commission for approval.
The agreement preserves existing protections on working hours, penalty rates and dispute resolution clauses.  It will enhance superannuation payments to 14.75% over 3 years and boost pay by 7% to 2019. It will also include job security protections, casual permanent conversion and better utilisation of the existing workforce.
“Toll employees want an efficient, well-run company that is successful and can provide quality jobs. This agreement will set the ground work for this by ensuring an efficient and well-trained staff,” said TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon.
“Our member-led negotiating team pressed the case strenuously for an agreement that would provide protections and benefits for the company and staff into the future. After months of tough negotiations a breakthrough has come,” Sheldon added.

  • Toll workers win! 92% say YES to the new Agreement

    October 24

    Toll workers across the country have overwhelmingly voted up the proposed EA with a massive 92% YES vote. The agreement will now be lodged with the FWC for approval.

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  • 97% Endorsement. Just One More Step To Go

    September 12

    The final Toll Agreement is on-site and ready to go through the final endorsement process at yard meetings.

    An astounding 97% of members have already voted ‘Yes’ to the in-principle Agreement and your delegate-led bargaining team is recommending a further ‘Yes’ vote at your site meetings to finalise the process.

    More information can be found here.

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  • Toll workers get ready to take action

    August 08

    Toll workers, who have already voiced their anger with the company in a series of meetings on July 27, will have an opportunity to take action with Protected Action Ballots (PABs) being mailed out to them from this week. Toll workers have indicated they are fed up after talks stalled on a new enterprise agreement. More information for Toll workers, including a timetable can be found on this leaflet. Detailed information for delegates can be found here.

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  • Agreement In-Principle Reached at Toll

    August 08

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 8 August 2017
    Following months of negotiations and agreed workplace consultations, TWU national workplace representatives and Toll have reached an in-principle agreement.

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    July 27

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 27 July 2017
    The Transport Workers’ Union will oppose a move by Toll in the Fair Work Commission over work stoppages after thousands of workers challenged management on cuts to their working hours and conditions.

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