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    Linfox Loses Pay Fight

    November 29

    Linfox will begin paying its truck drivers overtime when they take crib breaks after Fair Work Australia (FWA) ruled the breaks amounted to work.

    ATN - 1 December 2012

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    Sheldon rejects Qantas line

    November 28

    The argument over who were the winners from last year's bitter Qantas bargaining dispute continues, with TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon hitting back at recent comments made by the airline's IR manager Peter Smith about the outcome of the FWA arbitration for ground handling employees.

    Workplace Express, 28 November 2012

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    TWU calls for action on human rights in the ‘Asian century’

    November 27

    Australia can and will prosper in the ‘Asian century’, but this must not come at the expense of ignoring serious human and labour rights violations, undemocratic regimes, or allowing Australian companies to exploit foreign workers both here in Australia or in Asia, said national secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) Tony Sheldon.

    By Charles Paulka, Transport and Logistics News, 27 November 2012

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    Letter to Daily Telegraph

    November 23

    Comments from the former CEO of Qantas (Calling on the spirit which saw Qantas soar) that staff should just roll over and accept the relentless attack on decent jobs with fair wages at Qantas from Alan Joyce and management is just plain wrong. The Flying Kangaroo is an Australian icon we can be proud of because of the hard work, dedication and loyalty of Qantas staff. Qantas has dug itself into a ditch because management have targeted their workers, cut routes and promoted Jetstar as a direct competitor of Qantas using Qantas money. Telling the 35,000 staff and future generations that they should forget about having permanent jobs with living wages at Qantas, while management and former management continue to rake in sky-high salaries and pensions, is a plan for nothing except a virtual airline. If they want a real plan to save the Flying Kangaroo a good start would be to stop misleading their workforce and start giving  them the respect, fair wages and living conditions that every Australian worker deserves.

    Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union

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    Coles and TWU Butt Heads Again

    November 14

    Coles has hit back at union claims that it is driving unsafe practices in the trucking industry. The Transport Workers Union (TWU) used today’s Wesfarmers annual general meeting to call on Coles to stop the “retail war” which is putting unrealistic demands on drivers. Truck drivers in major cities across the country have rallied, highlighting what impact the retail war is having on truck drivers and other road users.

    By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

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    Rats! Qantas in Dispute over Chewed Wiring

    November 12

    The Qantas rats may have struck again.

    Michael West, Sydney Morning Herald