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    'Cannibalism' at Toll led to $4.9b Japan Post Writedown, says TWU

    April 28

    AFR, by Jenny Wiggins, 27 April 2017
    Toll ran into financial trouble because it allowed its businesses to cannibalise one another and did not invest enough money in new trucks to stay competitive with rivals, the Transport Workers Union says.

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    Scrutiny Needed In WA Trucking Industry Amid 'Dangerous Stimulant Culture' Claims

    April 24

    WA Today, by Hannah Barry, 21 April 2017

    WA's Transport Workers Union is warning of what it calls a dangerous culture of over-the-counter stimulant use and drivers being forced to skip mandatory rest breaks in the state.

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    Worker Locked In Aircraft Cargo Hold Raises Questions Over Aerocare Safety Record

    April 20

    ABC News, by James Thomas, 20 April 2017

    Key points: 

    * Baggage handling supervisor accidentally locked in the hold of a Virgin aircraft
    Neither Aerocare nor Virgin reported the incident to safety authorities

    Former workers say lack of reporting indicative of lax Aerocare safety standards

    Aerocare denies claims, says its safety record is impeccable

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    Australia Pension Industry Targets Private Equity Over Labour Practices

    April 13

    Financial Times, by Jamie Smyth, 12 April 2017
    First Super, which manages A$2bn ($1.5bn) in funds, is targeting private equity over labour standards at their client companies in the first big move by Australia’s powerful pensions industry in response to a string of scandals linked to poor working conditions.

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    Private Equity Put On Notice Over Wage Concerns

    April 10

    The Age, by Adele Ferguson, 8 April 2017
    Strap on your seatbelts, shareholder activism is about to ramp up.

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    Allegations Of Aerocare Cover Up Continue

    April 07

    Daily Examiner, Letters To The Editor, 7 April 2017
    Behind the shiny facade at our airports, there are employees struggling to make ends meet ('Airport 'sleeps' put to rest', 6/4).