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    Jetstar accused of compromising safety

    September 29

    A former flight attendant has told Lateline he quit his job at Jetstar because of safety concerns. The budget airline maintains it has rigorous safety standards but a clause in the contract for Singapore-based Jetstar crew states they could be forced to work shifts longer than 20 hours. 

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    Qantas will lock us out: striking workers

    September 28

    A union says it is expecting Qantas to lock workers out ahead of planned strike action, potentially causing major delays.

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    'Extreme capitalism' - Dick Smith slams Coles boss

    September 27

    Coles boss Ian McLeod is destroying the livelihoods of Australian farmers and wiping them out with a "new form of extreme capitalism", entrepreneur Dick Smith says.

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    Frustration at Qantas Management Growing

    September 26

    Members of the Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) will stop work for one hour at 8am this Friday, September 30 at all major airports. The stoppage is in accordance with protected industrial ballots conducted among baggage handlers, presentation and catering staff taken over the last month, which over 95 per cent of TWU members voted in favor of.

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    TWU seeks good faith Qantas talks

    September 21

    The Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) has called on Qantas management to adopt a constructive approach to future enterprise bargaining negotiations to avoid a repeat of yesterday’s industrial action at airports across Australia.

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    The 4am Door Knock to Qantas Employees

    September 20

    Welcome to the new Spirit of Australia.