• Media Release

    Drivers Killed In Horror Crashes Show Why Trucking Is Australia's Deadliest Job

    November 07

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 7 November 2016
    Two truck drivers have been killed in horrific crashes in South Australia and Perth highlighting the deadly nature of the job and the need for a solution to the crisis in trucking.

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    Tragic incident prompts National Day of Respect for Public Transport Workers

    November 04

    The tragic death of Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Sharma will be marked by a National Day of Respect for Public Transport Workers, to be held next Wednesday 9 November 2016.

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    $37,000 On Ombudsman's Report A 'Waste Of Taxpayers Money', Says TWU

    November 02

    The Transport Workers’ Union has criticised as a waste of taxpayers money the more than $37,000 spent on nine public sessions looking at the impact of a two-week Order setting minimum rates for owner drivers.

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    SA Bus Drivers To Mark Horrific Death In 'Black Armband Day'

    October 31

    Bus drivers across South Australia will wear black armbands on Monday October 31st to remember Manmeet Alisher, the 29 year old driver who died after being set on fire on Friday in Brisbane.

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    TWU Criticises ATA Over Call For More Rules On Drivers

    October 25

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 25 October 2016
    The Transport Workers’ Union has criticised the Australian Trucking Association over calls to hold drivers responsible for fatigue, while letting wealthy retailers and manufacturers off the hook for poor rates and unrealistic deadlines which force drivers to work long hours.

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    End Poverty Wages, TWU Urges Qantas Ahead Of Shareholders Meeting

    October 21

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 October 2016
    Employees working for Qantas are unable to pay bills, take out bank loans or support their families because of forced part time hours and poor conditions, the Transport Workers’ Union has said.