Women Face A 65 Day Gender Pay Gap

Release date: 29/09/2015

TWU NSW News, by Michael Aird, 25 September 2015
Last week I was reminded of the challenges women in our union face. On average women need to work an additional 65 days each year to equal the pay of men. The equal pay gap still remains stubbornly high at 17.9 per cent or $284.20 more each week.

Even if you’re a bloke, remember that this issue still affects us because these women are our sisters, mothers, daughters and wives.
TWU women delegates, officials and I attended an Equal Pay Dinner to recognise the ongoing fight for equality at work.
I was proud to be one of the few blokes to show my support with nearly 200 female unionists and it was a fantastic night! A highlight was hearing Early Childhood Educator Christina Dunstan’s story about taking on a boss who didn’t value the work she and her workmates do, because they are women.
I also had the chance to have a good chat with some of our female delegates and I respect the huge job that they do. When I asked Sheryl Pulham from Gate Gourmet why she came she said, “It’s important to stick together and as women we face even more barriers so for us sticking together is essential”.
After hearing from these strong women I was reminded once more why bosses shouldn’t get to set wages and that it should be done collectively – it’s the best way to get equality.
As a transport union, we have an increasingly diverse workforce and we need to be on the lookout for more leaders like Sheryl, Carolyn and the rest of the crew.

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