Waste Workers Leave Clear Message For Ryde Council – Don’t Trash Our Jobs

Release date: 10/04/2015

Ryde Council waste workers left a clear message for the Mayor of Ryde and the City Councillors today by dumping a truckload of rubbish on the Council offices’ doorstep in protest at their plans to sack local Garbos and re-engage them on less favourable terms as independent contractors.

Transport Workers’ Union NSW Assistant Secretary Richard Olsen said Ryde waste workers were confused and angry at the independent contractor plans, which will mean big cuts to their take home pay and big risks to the local community.
“Ryde waste workers do a difficult, dirty and dangerous job and they don’t deserve to be treated like rubbish by Ryde Council,” Mr Olsen said.
“This dodgy new service provider/contractor idea not only appears to be illegal sham contracting, it’s immoral. It presents a threat to garbage services and a danger to the Ryde community.
“The new arrangement will reduce truck numbers and force fewer drivers to cover more ground on each shift. Right across the transport industry we have seen that drivers under economic pressure are forced to drive faster, more dangerously, and even to skip maintenance just to get the job done.
Ryde garbage services will go downhill and local road safety will be under threat,” Mr Olsen said.
Local Waste worker of 25 years Craig Ramaker said the new arrangements didn’t add up and forcing them to cover more ground for less money was a bad idea.
“We already work non-stop to clear all the bins so to take trucks away and pay us less is dangerous and unfair,” Mr Ramaker said.
“We don’t want to see Ryde garbage services suffer and we definitely can’t afford huge pay cut.
“If the Mayor and the Council care about Ryde they’ll throw this plan into the bin where it belongs,” Mr Ramaker said.
Mr Olsen called on the Council to protect the terms and conditions for Ryde’s waste workers in any contract renewal and guarantee them continuity of employment so they can focus on the service they provide to Ryde householders and ratepayers.
Ryde council should show good faith to these loyal workers so they can forget about ABNs, business activity statements and insurance liabilities and focus on clearing the bins and keeping Ryde clean,” Mr Olsen said.

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