Violence aimed at drivers for TNT strike

Release date: 16/02/2011

The Transport Workers Union has condemned the actions of TNT contractors, who ran their trucks into protesters and cars at a community protest at TNT’s major eastern seaboard site at Enfield site this morning.

TWU national secretary, Tony Sheldon, said that two men and a woman were injured when a 4.5 tonne truck and a prime mover attempted to drive through protesters and crashed into a car.

“One of the drivers, working for a company contracted to TNT, told the protesters his boss told him “to run them over,” Mr Sheldon said.

“The police are currently pursuing the driver and company, however, allowing contracting companies to act like corporate thugs is deplorable.

“In the current EBA negotiations, TNT has the capacity to pay safe site rates to all drivers, whether they are direct hire employees or through labour hire.

“With a predicted 10-15 per cent increase in Australian operations through to 2015, they have the capacity to pay. An extra one per cent superannuation for all employees and further increases over the coming years would allow members to retirement with dignity.

“But rather than using tactics like we have seen this morning, TNT should come back to the negotiating table and come to an agreement with its workforce that is fair, safe and sustainable,” Mr Sheldon said 

International Transport Federation president, Paddy Crumlin, said the actions of TNT were akin to a third world industrial relations regime and had no place in Australia or any other country.

“Violence and intimidation in the negotiation of workplace agreements can not be accepted at any level – if an employee tried it on a boss they would be calling it attempted murder,” Mr Crumlin said.

“These workers are exercising their democratic right to negotiate a just deal for them and their families, and allowing contracting companies to run over peaceful protesters should be condemned,” Mr Crumlin said.

 “The TWU has asked the ITF to take up the matter with TNT’s management in Singapore, and they intend to do that at the first opportunity,” Mr Sheldon said.

 Further comment is available 

For TWU call Seth Tenkate on 0408 463 199 

For Paddy Crumlin call on 0418 379 660 or call Zoe Reynolds on 0417 229873.


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