VIDEO: Council Ignores Central Coast Garbos

Release date: 9/01/2017

TWU NSW Branch, 5 January 2017

Central Coast Council is ignoring Central Coast Garbos, continuing in its refusal to safeguard garbos pay and conditions.

Just before Christmas, TWU NSW and Members who are driving for Remondis met with local MP's David Harris and David Mehan to discuss the problem. (SEE VIDEO). The two MPs are supporting local workers and want the Central Coast Council to pay attention to the issue.

The Waste Contract tender, for pick-up of household bins is due to end on January 31 2018.

Remondis has been granted the extension of the contract after amalgamation of Wyong and Gosford Councils.

The problem for workers is that Council waste tenders do not include any guarantee for wages or conditions such as long service leave, which are made redundant when the contract ends.
Council are now late issuing the documents for the new tender. Workers are now in the dark as to what the future holds for their families.

Ian Reynolds and Rob Noble of the Central Coast Council have washed their hands of the need to protect workers who live locally. They have not committed to the continuation of conditions when the contract ends. In media, Ian Reynolds has dumped the problem firmly in the lap of the contractor as a “Remondis issue”.

Remondis have secured a court agreement to cut pay by 25% to garbage workers on the Coast.
Other Councils are different. Campbelltown Council have for example included in their waste tender documents, protections for workers’ conditions when contracts change.

Remondis Drivers are Central Coast locals and professionals doing valuable service for their community. They should not be left out to dry by Ian Reynolds and the Central Coast Council.

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