TWU Targets Truck Emissions

Release date: 6/05/2010

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) and the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) will hold a forum, exploring the development of a fuel-efficient driver training program that aims to cut carbon emissions by up to 20 per cent and provides financial incentives to drivers and transport companies.

Transport Workers Union national secretary, Tony Sheldon, at the TWU Federal Council in Canberra, said that there would be a nation-wide survey of truck drivers to get a more precise picture of their driving habits, and where the training can be targeted.

“We want to make sure that drivers are properly trained in fuel efficient driving techniques and that they will share in the benefits in terms of fuel savings generated by the program,” Mr Sheldon said.

“Around14-15 per cent of Australia’s carbon emissions or roughly 80.4 million tonnes of carbon , come from the transports sector and this is an increase of 30 percent over 15 years.

“The way a driver acts can have a positive contribution to both fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, and we aim to roll out a training package to improve the secotr’s performance,” Mr Sheldon said.

VTA CEO Phil Lovel said that EcoStation was focusing on the key issues that influence fuel consumption and minimising carbon emissions, with driver performance at the top of the list.

EcoStation has been established along the lines of the SmartWay scheme from the US. The pilot scheme is intended to run over 2010 and has 30 of the biggest names in Australian transport and freight movement as partners. The scheme’s partners are meeting regularly to come up with the best ways to reduce emissions and save fuel.

The EcoStation pilot scheme is sponsored by the VTA and EPA Victoria and they plan, along with the foundation partners, to roll this out onto the national stage following the initial pilot phase.

For more information on EcoStation visit or contact Seth Tenkate at the TWU on (02) 9912 0788, or Philip Lovel AM, chief executive at the VTA on (03) 9646 8590 or 0421 344 442.


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