Release date: 10/06/2014

The Transport Workers’ Union will target JJ Richards & Sons in Mackay, QLD tomorrow morning to discuss issues and workplace conditions with members.

WHEN: 09:30am, Wednesday 11 June 2014
WHERE: JJ Richards & Sons, 21 Michelmore St, Paget

With the Mackay Regional Council’s waste management contracts due to expire in late 2014 and early 2015, TWU Waste Coordinator Craig Williams said it’s important to ensure standards are raised for waste workers across Queensland.
‘These are long-term contracts that dictate the future of our waste workers,’ Mr Williams said.
‘Our drivers provide an important service to the community, so it’s important that they too are looked after in a fair and safe environment with strong wages and conditions.’
‘JJ Richards have a history of questionable practices and conditions across the State, and that is why we are here today, to identify issues with members and pave a way forward.’
The TWU will also continue to seek support for their Portable Long Service Leave campaign, something that has never been afforded to waste workers.
‘Due of the nature of the waste industry with council contracts expiring every eight years, waste workers are not afforded long service leave,’ Mr Williams said.
‘We have some members who have been waste industry for over 25 years, but never had access to long service leave.’
‘We are in the process of campaigning Councils and the State Government to introduce Portable Long Service Leave, and while we continue to do that, it’s important we also secure jobs and strong wages and conditions for our workers in a safe and fair environment.’

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