TWU NEWS: The Fight Is Not Over Just Yet

Release date: 28/11/2016

Big Rigs, by TWU NSW Acting State Secretary Richard Olsen, 27 November 2016
The National Road Transport Association, NatRoad, continues to cause confusion for mum and dad small business operators.

NatRoad claims to represent mum and dad family run businesses, small fleet owners and the big end of town.
By being all things to all people in an industrial setting, you either have to stand for nothing or sell someone out.
Unfortunately for mum and dad small businesses, NatRoad has pretty clearly pinned its colours to the mast by applying to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for registration as an Organisation of Employers.
Thus it is no surprise that it is seeking to tear down the General Carriers Contract Determination, an industrial instrument which has provided minimum rates and conditions to owner- drivers in Sydney for more than 30 years.

BASIC RIGHTS: The TWU said the General Carriers Contract Determination is important for owner-drivers.

Contrary to what NatRoad would have you believe, this instrument has allowed mum and dad small businesses, who founded the TWU more than 125 years ago, to thrive.
It is vital in ensuring that owner-drivers are not forced to compete with each other in a race to the bottom in a highly competitive, price taking industry.
Our union was founded by owner-drivers and they continue to represent a large part of our member base.
In fact there is a number of existing Contract Determinations in a number of sectors of the transport industry in NSW.
These cover concrete owner-drivers, the tip truck sector, car carriers, taxi drivers and owner-drivers in the waste industry.
These are protected under Chapter 6 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 which also provides owner-drivers anywhere in NSW a simple and cost-free dispute resolution mechanism, protection against unfair treatment and protection of goodwill which in some parts of the transport industry is the premium that mum and dad businesses pay to obtain work.
As a matter of fact, mum and dad small businesses own $1.5 billion worth of goodwill in the transport industry in NSW.
Ask the concrete driver who has a Contract Determination providing a 10-year certainty of work and minimum rates, as well as legal protection for the $200,000 investment he made to enter the business, whether he believes that such an industrial instrument is a good idea.
The purpose of the General Carriers Contract Determination is to provide a minimum rate to ensure owner-drivers recover their costs and operate on a fair playing field.
If you as an owner-driver would like to work with us to protect your goodwill and investment, get in touch with the TWU.

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